by Tattoo Vanish® Inc. - The world's only All Natural Tattoo Removal Product

How does Tattoo Vanish® Work?

We will apply anesthetic before and during the procedure, and we may use a similar procedure as when you had your permanent makeup or tattoo. After that, we will apply Tattoo Vanish® on the tattooed area for a few minutes. We will then thoroughly clean the treated area and bandage it. We will also supply you with written after-care instructions to ensure the treatment`s effectiveness and your full recovery.

When will I see results?

Because of the variety of methods used by different tattoo artists all over the world and the skin type involved, there is no definite way of telling you exactly how soon you will see results. It is always best that you visit us for a FREE consultation where we will provide you with an estimate depending on your case.

In general, Tattoo Vanish® can reduce treatments from 50-75% compared to other methods available today, including laser. You may also see some lightening of your skin and the removal of some ink after one treatment.

Are there any complications?

Before going through a Tattoo Vanish® procedure, we will first evaluate you to ensure that your body will respond positively to it. But keep in mind that tattoo removal entails some risk of scarring, lightening or darkening of the treated skin, depending on how your body reacts. It is also important that you follow the after-care instructions to the letter to ensure that you will recover quickly and successfully after the treatment.

How painful are the treatments?

Everyone?s tolerance for pain varies, but with Tattoo Vanish® we will consider your safety and your comfort with every procedure. That is why we will use topical anesthetic before and during treatment, so you can experience little to no discomfort.

How many treatments will I need?

There is no easy way to answer this because of a number of factors that come into play, including your health, the amount of ink used, the depth of the ink, and the size of the tattoo. Small tattoos may require 1-3 treatments.

Tattoo Vanish® will lighten or remove most if not all colors in a tattoo. We recommend that you come in for our FREE consultation so we can better determine and estimate the number of treatments that you may need.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is to visit us for a FREE consultation where our professional technicians will evaluate your tattoo or permanent make up. Our technicians will also answer all your questions regarding the procedure, show you before and after photos of our past clients, and explain how your tattoo will be removed. Plus, they will also advise you on the required time and cost of the procedure to you.

You may decide to have your first Tattoo Vanish® the same day as your consultation. We will also show you how you can reduce your costs by choosing a package of treatments. All in all, we will do everything to help you get rid of your tattoo or permanent make up as reasonably and as quickly as possible.

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