All prices include 10% Goods and Services Tax


From: $140hr ($90min)

Cosmetic Tattooing:

Eyebrows $385

Upper Eyeliner $385

Bottom Eyeliner $385

Lip Liner $385


Tattoo Removal

Consultation: FREE

Test Spot: FREE

Piercing: All jewellery is included

Lobe $38.50 (1) $66 (2)

Genital $165

Dermals $82.50

Skin Diver $71.50

Industrial $82.50

Stretching from $65

Changeover from $18

A wide range of jewellery is also available in store.

NUMBING CREAMS: Any clients wishing to use numbing products for their procedures, are to consult with there local Pharmacy about suitable products for the chosen procedure. Any products utilised, are to be used IAW with the products instructions and the TOTO technician is to be informed of the product type.

All prices include 10% Goods and Services Tax

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