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General Piercings – 15 years and below require parental consent with ID.

Parent will need to provide photo Id and Medicare card at time of appointment.

All prices include 10% Goods and Services Tax

Ear Piercings

Lobes $38.50ea or both $66

We use the Inverness 2000 where the earring is fully enclosed and hidden in a protective capsule. To guarantee maximum safety and hygiene the earring is released only the precise moment that the ear is pierced.

Cartilage $55-$66

Helix, Snug, Rook, Shell, Tragus, Daith. These are known as cartilage piercings because not only is the skin pierced but also the stiff cartilage material under the skin, which maintains the shape and rigidity of the outer ear.

Industrial $82.50

(17+) Industrial piercings are where a barbell is used to connect two cartilage piercings.

Facial Piercings

Eyebrow and Bridge $55

Includes jewellery.

Lip and Labret $55 - $66

Placement of lip and labret piercings is particularly important so as to reduce any possible damage to teeth and gums. Today we have specially designed Labret Studs with flat discs to be worn on the inside of the mouth to improve comfort.

Nose $55

The nostril can be pierced on either the left or right side with a small stud.

Septum $66

The septum piercing is through the central cartilage separating the two nostrils. It is advisable to wear a U-shaped septum retainer during the healing period. The septum retainer is also useful in modern society for day to day use when discretion is required. It can be worn flipped up into the nose where it is invisible.

Tongue $66

The tongue is an extremely important muscle involved in many essential daily functions. The only jewellery that should ever be used in a tongue piercing is a barbell, which has been correctly sized. The risk of permanent injury is too great to contemplate the use of rings in tongue piercings.

Body Piercings

Navel $55

Jewellery included from a varied selection of surgical stainless steel banana bars with a choice of decorative beads.

Nipple $55 or both $88

(18+) For women the most common concern is the effect of a piercing on the ability to breast feed. If the piercing is performed correctly, there should be no problems with lactation and many women successfully breast feed with nipple piercings.

Dermals $82.50

(18+) Dermals can be placed almost anywhere on the body and look fantastic. Generally the anchors heal fine, though healing can be difficult on areas of high movement and activity. 18 years and over only.

Skin Divers $71.50

(18+) With this method piercing can be performed in areas that were previously impossible to heal such as the back of the neck and arms. Skin Divers may not be permanent as opposed to Dermals. 18 years and over only.


Stretching Price on Consultation

Our 100% natural Hell For Leather stretching formula is suitable for use to stretch any of your piercings. We have a wide variety of tools to assist you with stretching any piercing.

All prices include 10% Goods and Services Tax

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