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The genital piercing section contains content that is not suitable for viewing by persons under 18 years of age

Some genital piercings can take 6-12 months to heal. Please discuss this with your piercer.

Male Genital Piercings Adult Photo Gallery

Prince Albert: $165

A piece of jewellery, usually a ring, is inserted from the underside of the penis at the ?V? of the glans through the wall of the urethra and exiting at the meatus or ?eye? of the head of the penis.

Frenum: $165

The Frenum piercing is made on the underside of the penis through the loose skin just below the ?V? of the glans where the foreskin is (or used to be for those who are circumcised) attached.

Ampallang: $165

A Barbell placed horizontally through the head of the penis above the level of the urethra is the only jewellery recommended.

Apadravya: $165

The Apadravya is the vertical counterpart of the Ampallang.

Dydoe: $165

These are normally done in pairs using small Barbells on opposite sides of the upper rim of the glans or head of the penis. Small rings can also be used if preferred.

Guiche: $165

The piercing is made through the perineum between the scrotum and the anus using a bead ring or barbell.

Foreskin: $165

Piercing of the foreskin is done mainly for its decorative effect. Rings and circular barbells are very popular in foreskin piercings.

Hafada: $165

Traditionally the piercing is placed between the testicle and the base of the penis. Today piercings of the scrotum can be done anywhere and multiple piercings are not uncommon.

Female Genital PiercingsAdult Photo Gallery

Horizontal Clitoral Hood: $165

Horizontal hood piercing is most commonly done with a beaded ring and placed so that the bead rests either on the clitoris itself or on the hood where it covers the clitoris. This depends on your anatomy and personal preference.

Vertical Clitoral Hood: $165

The jewellery is placed vertically so that the bead or ball sits up under the clitoral hood to encourage direct contact with the clitoris. Better results are often achieved through the use of a small curved or straight barbell.

Clitoris: $165

There are many women whose clitoris is not large enough to safely pierce and piercing of the clitoris when it is too small may result in a decreased sensation, so seek the opinion of our very experienced piercers before considering this option. Rings and small barbells are the most common types of jewellery used for this piercing.

Labia: $165

A ring is used to hold the labia together, closing the entrance to the vagina. Labia piercings can be done singularly or in many pairs, depending on a clients anatomy. They are often placed higher than the vaginal entry to maximise stimulation to the clitoral area and minimise discomfort during penetration. Piercings of the inner labia tend to heal faster than the outer labia due to the different tissue types. The inner labia has a more profuse blood supply that tends to support rapid healing.

Fourchette: $165

The Fourchette is placed at the base of the vaginal entrance where a thin ?lip? of skin exists connecting to the perineum. Healing can be difficult and it is not unusual for these piercings to reject.

Triangle: $165

The Triangle piercing is a deep piercing behind the clitoris. However, a clients anatomy is crucial when deciding whether this piercing would be possible. An examination is necessary before considering this piercing. Due to the depth of this piercing, healing time is often longer than for female genital piercings and some discomfort may be experienced during the healing period.

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