Cancellation & Quote Policy

All appointments require at least 72 hours notice, to change or cancel appointments. Failure to provide the minimum 72 hours notice, will result in the forfeiture of any deposit made for that service.

In the event artwork for your appointment has already been produced, an artwork fee will be subtracted from your deposit amount and the artwork will be retained by the artist.

This policy also extends to Touch-Ups and Adjustment appointments. These appointments will then be at your expense.

Quotes are only valid for 30 days, as inflation increases and artists skill levels develop, so does their service rate. Apprentice tattooing is also include in this policy, unless otherwise authorised by the owner.


Providing a Doctors Certificate or Police Incident report is supplied, explaining your absence, your deposit may be retained.

Supporting documentation must be relevant to yourself or immediate family member you are caring for.

However you must state this at the time of cancellation. Documentation must be supplied to the studio within 72 hours.

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