Tatts On Tatts Off is proud to offer FREE Realistic Nipple Tattooing to Breast Cancer Survivors. Most men and women don't normally explore this option, due to the cost involved and lack qualified practitioners.

Our professional realism tattoo artists, have generously agreed to donate their time, to the benefit of others. Our service is provided in a discrete private room, using the very latest in tattooing techniques and equipment.

By providing this service, we hope to aid surviving women in their recovery, both physically and mentally.

If you know someone who could benefit from our FREE service, please make them aware of Tatts On Tatts Off and Survivors Ink.

* Survivors Ink, is the charity division of Tatts On Tatts Off Pty Ltd * Donate Here
"Numbing Product Prescriptions must applied for in studio, at least 7 working days, prior to your procedure, if required" Consulting Doctor

As seen in the Canberra Times: Free nipple tattoos to heal physical, mental scars for breast cancer survivors

Tatts On, Tatts Off owner Peter ''Bones'' Bone is offering free realistic nipple tattoos to breast cancer survivors after reconstructive breast surgery.

Tatts On, Tatts Off owner Peter ''Bones'' Bone is offering free realistic nipple tattoos to breast cancer survivors after reconstructive breast surgery.Photo: Jeffrey Chan

It was one of those ideas that wake you up in the middle of the night, Canberra tattooist Peter "Bones" Bone said.

A way to help breast cancer survivors come to terms with their physical and mental scars, while saving them thousands of dollars.

Mr Bone is offering free three-dimensional nipple and areola tattooing at his Gungahlin tattoo studio,Tatts On, Tatts Off for women who've undergone a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

The studio has been inundated with inquiries since the announcement two weeks ago.

He said many breast cancer survivors don't opt for nipple inking as it can cost anywhere up to $2000 and is difficult to get right.

"With us, we tattoo day in, day out and we specialise in realism. I feel that we're more equipped to provide a better service than someone who provides it irregularly," Mr Bone said.

He admits that as a man, "it's not the easiest thing to talk about" but reckons tattooing is a bit like hairdressing – people can't help but open up and tell you their stories.

"There's not one person these days who hasn't been touched by breast cancer in some way and being touched myself by people who've had mastectomies, I wanted to try and give back and make women feel whole again," he said.

The procedure works just like any other tattoo, Mr Bone said.

The extent of the scar tissue will determine what kind of tattooing the studio can offer.

"If women have a photo of their breasts pre-procedure the tattooist can replicate their previous nipples. If they decide they want something a bit more fun or have a particular set of nipples they like we can do a photographic replication," Mr Bone said.

He believed many more women would consider being tattooed post-surgery without the financial burden.

"I know of a lot of women I've spoken to through tattooing as well as family and friends of people who have [a mastectomy] done, they're quite reserved and not overly confident after they've had it done," Mr Bone said.

"It's [the tattooing] all done in a private room, we're very aware of the mental, physical scars that are associated with the treatments themselves.

"I think this sort of procedure will give people a new-found confidence, particularly with their partners. It's not going to be a substitute for the original – but it may aid people in their mental or physical recovery."

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