At Tatts On Tatts Off, we offer a cosmetic tattooing service like no other. Our cosmetic artist, is also a senior tattoo artists and realism specialist. Given this, their ability as a professional tattoo artist, sets the standard for cosmetic tattooing in Canberra and the surrounding areas.

What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattoo is a semi-permanent procedure to enhance facial features. Pigmentation is applied using a very small sterile needle to distribute colour under the surface of the skin. All products used, are high quality Australian and US approved products.

The length of time the results will last, is contingent on many factors including skin type. Oily skin has a rapid metabolic rate and causes the result to fade faster than comparable drier skin. On average the results last for approximately 3 to 7 years.

The procedure takes about 1-2 hours depending on size and colour depth of the treated area. Immediately after the procedure, the skin is usually slightly swollen, and the result is darker than the final result. It takes up to one week for the colour to settle and during that time it will lighten.

Cosmetic tattooing is a safe, but not a painless process; however, a topical anesthetic is used throughout the entire procedure. After treatment, the treated area may be slightly swollen up to two to three days, varying person to person.

Cosmetic Tattooing Prices
Eyebrows $385-$480
Eyeliner $385
Lip Liner $385
Adjustment $180

NUMBING CREAMS: Any clients wishing to use numbing products for their procedures, are to consult with there local Pharmacy about suitable products for the chosen procedure. Any products utilised, are to be used IAW with the products instructions and the TOTO technician is to be informed of the product type.