Tatts On Tatts Off offers a specialist Tattoo Removal service to enable re-tattooing or removal of that unsightly or unwanted tattoo. TOTO, can a cater to all your tattoo removal needs and budget requirements.

Tatts On Tatts Off (TOTO), is Canberra’s leading tattoo removal clinic in the nations capital. Our highly trained, certified and experienced technicians can design a tattoo removal plan to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Unlike other clinics, we offer two very different removal systems, which compliment each other to produce proven results. TOTO utilises the very latest in laser removal technology and Tattoo Vanish, an all-natural, non-acid tattoo removal system. As a result of using both these systems, we see better results, with fewer treatments than our competitors.

By using laser technology and the Tattoo Vanish method, we can remove the most difficult colors safely and successfully, Including GREEN, BLUE, RED, BROWN,AQUA, PURPLE, ORANGE, BLACK and many more.

Given our expertise and time in the industry, our technician?s techniques and practices, far exceeds the national standard and make us an industry leader in this field, both here in Australia and Overseas.

You will find a lot of business and providers with promise the world, just to get you in the door and delivery few results. TOTO will give you the honest assessment of your suitability and design a personal removal plan, to meet your specific need.

NUMBING CREAMS: Any clients wishing to use numbing products for their procedures, are to consult with there local Pharmacy about suitable products for the chosen procedure. Any products utilised, are to be used IAW with the products instructions and the TOTO technician is to be informed of the product type.

Tattoo Removal
From $77hr